In 1998 I did the voiceover in English for the computer-interactive exhibition Let’s Save the Seas created by the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA). The exhibition was hosted on the ground floor of the building of Ceres Hellenic Shipping Enterprises Ltd. in Piraeus, Greece.

The exhibition is interactive, that is through electronic means the visitor has the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers on issues of his/her interest, after first selecting the language of preference (Greek or English).

It aims at demonstrating the importance of the sea in human life, the pollution generated by all of us and the small percentage which burdens international shipping compared to land activities.

The exhibition was officially opened on June 1, 1998 by the Ministers of Merchant Marine Stavros Soumakis and Environment Kostas Laliotis. Attending were ambassadors of foreign countries and the heads of and/or representatives of shipping organizations, Greek and foreign.