From November 1981 to December 1989 I was the correspondent in Greece for IBS News Limited (International Broadcast Services), a London-based, independent radio/TV news agency owned by Macquarie Broadcasting Corporation of Australia (the biggest commercial broadcasting network in Australia with radio stations in every capital city of the country) that specialized in providing news, voice reports, actuality and analysis for use by English and Spanish language radio and TV services throughout the world.

IBS News clients ranged from the West Indies, North and South America, through Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

My first boss at IBS News was Colin Gray, IBS Editor followed by News Editor Alex Wynter.

Payment was made through Platypus Films Ltd. of London, England.

Among the stories I covered were: 

  • Athens search for killers (July 12, 1988) 

  • Skip attack motives (July 13, 1988) 

  • Palestinian sentenced (July 14, 1988) 

  • Frenchman in Greece attack (July 15, 1988) 

  • Attack suspect (July 20, 1988) 

  • Olympic torch (August 25, 1988) 

  • Ship blast (September 6, 1988)

  • Onassis funeral (November 15, 1988)