Various personal items and from my long journalism career.


My birth certificate from St. Peter's General Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey and my first shoes bronzed.

My mom, dad, and together my dad, my aunt and my grandfather. And below my father and grandfather members of the Perth Amboy,  New Jersey Greek Society and an article about my folks in the Rutgers University magazine.

At the age of 10, I participated in the production of The Magic Whistle, a dance revue in three acts, performed on June 16, 1961 at the Rivoli Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey by the Christie Brown School of Dancing. I was listed at Louis Economos and I sang with the group in Act 1, Scene 1 the song You Gotta Have Rain.

One of the first jobs I had was working for Great Eastern department store in New Brunswick, New Jersey in the summer of 1967.  I had a hot dog cart outside the store. Great Eastern was owned by N.B. Food Services Inc. of Island Park, New York.

In the summer of 1968 I worked at the Bond Clothing Stores factory in New Brunswick, New Jersey which was a men's clothing manufacturing company and retailer. The company catered to the middle-class consumer. My job was to make sure the ladies who sewed had material to work with.

I also worked for the United Motors Service Division, General Motors Corporation (Detroit, Michigan), warehouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey in the summer of 1969. My job was to stock car parts.

Items from New Brunswick New Jersey Junior High School, 1964-1966.

Items from New Brunswick (New Jersey) High School, 1966-1969.

I attended a concert of The Who at the Fillmore East in New York City on October 2, 1969 with members of my class Writing from Experience at Livingston College (Rutgers University). The British rock group performed their rock opera Tommy.

On the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on July 20, 1975 covering the Greek-American demonstration against U.S. military support for Turkey for The Voice of Greece (WRSU-FM), The National Herald and the Hellenic Times. Photo appeared in Time magazine, The National Herald and the Hellenic Times.

On my way to a soccer match in Philadelphia on April 1, 1978, I stopped for gas and here's what The Philadelphia Inquirer reporter wrote about that occasion without me knowing about a service station strike.