From 1981 to 1984 I was the Greece and Eastern Mediterranean correspondent for the South African Morning Newspaper Group owned by SA Associated Newspapers Ltd. of Johannesburg, South Africa with Rory Wilson as the Group Manager.

The newspapers in the group were Cape Times, Rand Daily Mail, Natal Mercury, Eastern Province Herald, Daily Dispatch and Sunday Times.

Among the articles I wrote were: 

  • Actress Melina Mercouri & Minister Ioannis (October 30, 1981) 

  • Actress Melina (October 31, 1981) 

  • SA Arms show in Greece (October 17, 1982) 

  • Greek local elections (October 24, 1982) 

  • SA arms row (October 24, 1982) Greek Embassy in Pretoria employee (October 29, 1982) and Leftist government (1984).