I was the Feature & Sports Editor at Athens Star (weekly and daily English-language newspaper) from January 1985 to December 1986 with my boss being fellow foreign journalist Paul Anastasi.The newspaper was published by Aetos S.A. of Athens, Greece.
From January 1983 to December 1984 I was Managing/Executive Editor of the daily and then weekly newspaper Athens Mail with publisher Giannis Kyritsakis of Hellenic Alfa Publishing Company in Athens, Greece.
From 1979 to 1980 and again in 1998 I was Associate Editor at the Athens News.The first job I got when I arrived to live permanently in Athens, Greece was with the Athens News in January 1979 as Associate Editor.I was suggested for the job by Phaedron Morphis of the Government Press Office and hired by the newspaper's publisher Giannis Horn, owner of Athens News S.A.It was a bit of a surprise to hear from Horn that I was the first journalist hired even though the newspaper was in existence for 15 years.Before I arrived Horn hired any foreigner who asked for the job whether or not they knew anything about journalism as translators from Greek media were used instead of editors.Six months later in 1979 I left the job for better opportunities and then in 1998 I was hired as an editor for a short period by Athinaika Nea (Lambrakis Press Group) which had purchased the newspaper from Horn earlier.
From March to April 1988 I was Foreign News Editor of Greece Today, a daily English-language newspaper published by Tomi Publications Inc. of Athens.Publisher of the newspaper was George Kriklakis, General Director was Titos Athanasiadis and Managing Editor was Lambis Charalambidis.The newspaper folded after just eight issues.
I was the English Editor of the twice monthly financial-insurance newspaper Financial Insurance (Οικονομική Ασφαλιστική) published by Sofianna Publishing Company and Press Inter Ltd. in Athens, Greece under owner George Zachariou from January 1983 to December 2019. I introduced Desk Top Publishing to the newspaper and was responsible for the contents and makeup of my pages.
From 1998 to 1999 I was Associate Editor and Sports Editor of the weekly English-language Greek newspaper The Hellenic Star published by Olympic Action-Athens International Media Ltd.
From 1970 to 1972 I was English Editor of Ta Nea, the St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Piscataway, New Jersey monthly newspaper.


For Hellenic Alfa Publishing Company Ltd. in Athens, Greece I was the Managing Editor of the magazines This Week in Athens, This Summer in Samos, This Summer in Corfu, This Summer in Hydra, This Summer in Mykonos, This Summer in Naxos, This Summer in Chios, This Summer in Santorini, This Summer in Kos, This Summer in Rhodes, This Summer in Patmos, This Summer in Crete, This Summer in Lesvos, This Summer in Messinia, This Summer in Zakynthos, This Summer in Aghios Nikolaos, This Summer in Paros, This Summer in Syros, This Summer in Ios, This Summer in Volos-Pelion, This Summer in Skiathos, This Summer in Thessaloniki, This Summer in Herakleon, This Summer in Limnos, This Summer in Rethymnon and This Summer in Chania from 1985 to 1989.I was also Managing Editor of the Hotel Grande Bretagne guide Guest Info published by Hellenic Alfa in 1985 to 1987.From 1992 to 1993 I was the Managing Editor of Mykonos Summertime, Chios Summertime and Naxos Summertime magazines, while in 1993 I was Managing Editor of Patmos Summertime and Paros Summertime magazines.
In 1989 I worked as an editor for Action Magazine, a monthly English-language publication out of Athens, Greece published by Free Press News and Photo Group owned by journalist Paul Anastasi. I wrote the column Airwaves.The magazine first began with the title TV Satellite Action and then changed its name to Action Magazine.
I was Managing Editor of the English-language monthly tourist magazine Athens today published by Info Editions from January 1995 to December 1998.Also I was Managing Editor of Santorini today, the island’s lifestyle and travel magazine, from 1995 to 1998. Owner of Info Editions was Yiannis Angelopoulos.
From January to December 1979 to December 1983 I was Communications Department Manager at Manos Travel System, an Athens travel agency where I was responsible for many of the publications of the company.In 1983 I was the editor of To Xamogelo, a newsletter for employees of Manos Travel System.
From January 1986 to December 1993 I was Associate Editor of the monthly English-language magazine Greek Diplomatic Life published by photographer Leonidas Boutsikos in Athens, Greece.
I was the English translator for the tourist guide Corfu Panorama in 1996 with publisher Christos Antypas.The guide was owned by Ostako Graphics Arts S.A. of Athens Greece.
I was the Managing Editor for the tourist guide Corfu Sunshine in 1986 published by Sunshine Ltd. of Corfu, Greece.


In 1990 I was the Production Editor of Aridemi, a monthly bulletin of the Aridemi International Human Relations Institute of Athens, Greece with the Founder-Publisher Dr. Aris Demetriades.